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Multi-Entrepreneur/CEO/Founder of Maximum Music Corporation




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I am Leonard Uetze.

I am the founder of the revolutionary company, right in the heart of the major music industry. I am the CEO and founder of Maximum Music Partners of Maximum Music Realty and of the Maximum Music Corporation. 

In my whole life I have done one thing: I have done things differently. Different than any person before. This was already evident in school. I didn't focus much on classes because I was busy jumping off stages into 500-man audiences. After my school education, I went straight into a large international company as an authorized officer. ATON GmbH for automation and environmental technology in the automotive industry. Operating in senior business with the biggest car manufacturers of the world. This was my start into business and it turned out as a thing that came natural to me. At a young age, I pictured the man I wanted to be. Then I started becoming it.

I used all of my time to acquire important skills and techniques that were necessary to ultimately do things completely differently. I can proudly say I am Leonard Uetze. I have made a difference. I created a German company out of nothing, a company networked in America, which operates, functions and acts in the heart of the major music industry.

My two most important skills:

My flair for absolute success and my irrefutable and unbreakable power of persuasion.

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"People always say: Oh that's a problem! I always say: Problems are never problems. Problems are just tasks that need to be solved."

Leonard Uetze

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That's why, making money comes easy to me. That's exactly why I've always wanted more than just money. Making money is easy and therefore boring. For me, it's about sending a message.

But to be able to send this message at all, you need the appropriate tools. Just like a carpenter who needs sandpaper to refine a wooden panel. For this reason, I learned the specialized techniques that are all-important to not only come to success, but also to bring it about in a controlled manner. I learned everything about business management and finance. I combined this with my greatest passion: music. I myself am a jazz pianist and enjoyed a top-class piano education with the world-famous musician and jazz veteran Otto Wolters. My greatest teacher in music. My whole life, so far, has always been about learning. I'm still at it, because that's what it's all about, and it's one of the most important pillars of the foundation of complete success. My name is Leonard Uetze. I do things differently.

Feel free to contact me. In this sense, I am already looking forward to mutually prosperous and profitable partnerships.

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